Overseas Bases

  The overseas bases can transport the goods through the traditional logistics channel to the warehouses of the target market countries. Then displaying, assembling, packing and distributing according to the online and offline orders.

 Group Work Win has signed Strategic Cooperation Letter of Intent with USA, Brazil, Uganda, Dubai, Kazakhstan and other countries partners.
 The overseas bases will transport the goods to the local buyer's warehouse directly or other neighboring countries warehouse. It will save the transportation time and cost.

 We have a professional sales, operation and service team that long-term in our warehouse, familiar with the local market conditions and logistics operations.


Group Work Win is a leading manufacturer and provider of total integrated supply chain solutions. We offer the best agricultural equipments, garden equipments and accessories. We have a multilingual team, and many big branch factories. A regional market presence, including Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Russia, Spain, Chile, Brasil, Australia etc. Group Work Win strives to build a long term relationships by providing our customers with continuous and reactive support. We aim to supply better quality products and after-sales service.
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