Three Point Mounted Sprayer

Three Point Mounted Sprayer

3880 boom sprayer can realize single boom lifting, more suitable for hilly areas; spring shock absorbers, four-link balancing mechanism can further eliminate impact of uneven ground, so that spraying machine has higher stability of equilibrium.


• Three- point mounted machine with fully hydraulic foldable booms;
• Wide working width and high working efficiency;
• Boom lifting and folding is fully hydraulic controlled, saving time and effort;
• Four-step filters can prevent nozzles from blocking;
• Mixing system has reflux and high-pressure mixing configuration, which fully guarantee even liquid and best control of pest and disease;
• 3880 boom sprayer can realize single boom lifting, more suitable for hilly areas;
• 3880E boom sprayer is suitable for long plots, matched power>180hp.


Model  3880   3880A   3880B   3880C   3880D   3880E   3800   3800A 
Chemical box capacity (L) 1000 1200 1200 1500 1500 2000 1200 1500
Spraying span (m) 18 18 21-22 18 21-22 21 25 25
 Chemical box material  Fiberglass
Lifting and folding mode  Full hydraulic control
Spraying angle(°) 110
Weight(kg) 1200-1500
Discharge volume of membrane pump (L/min) 180-210
Max rotation speed (r/min) 540
Max pressure of pump (mpa) 1.5-2.0
Working pressure (mpa) 0.3-0.5
Matched power (hp) 110-300
Filter mesh number (mesh) 25-60
Working efficiency (ha/h) 10-13
Mixture mode High pressure influx and reflux mixture
Folding Hydraulic folding 

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