Mini Rotary Tiller

Mini Tiller 900

1. High security 

Quick flameout In emergency ensure safety of user. Enhanced the quality of blades, shields and fenders. 
2. Multi-functions 
Rotary tillage, deep ploughing, making ridge, seeding, fertilizing, drawing water and spraying insecticide. Develop new functions according to the demands of customers. 
3. Easy and flexible operation 
360 Degree horizontal handle, hand-held handle to adjust height. Change agricultural tools easily. 


Technical feature 
The machine has significant advantages of small size, power, low fuel consumption, multiple functions, reliable performance and flexible operation. Integral cast iron gearbox has the advantages of rigid, on-deformation, high precision and long service life. Hexagonal output shaft, durable. 
Model GW-900 GW-910 GW-900 A GW-900C
Structure Front-Mounted
Engine  Model  170F Gasoline Engine   177F Gasoline Engine   170F Diesel Engine 
Rated Power (kw) 4.1 4.1 4.8 3.6
Weight (kg) 78 82 93 86
Transmission Mode Triangle Belt
Connection Mode Direct Connection
 of Handlebar 
Horizontal 180° 360° 180° 360°
Vertical 120° 45° 120° 45°
Max.turning Radius (mm) 175
Tilling Width (mm) 920
Tilling Depth (mm) ≥ 100
 Operating Speed (m/s) ≥ 0.3
Prouctivity (hm²/h) 0.1-0.2
 Fuel Consumption (kg/hm)  ≤10 
Wheel Size 400-8

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