Land Scraper

SBC Cabinet Land Scraper

The series SBC cabinet land scraper uses scraper fitted between front and back rear wheels to unknit land, can lift, slope, revolve and extend. Flexible and accurate, easy ro use. This series are used for construction of radbed and road surface, side dutch, mixing road mixtures, removing snow, transporting grain materials, maintenance of dirt roads and gravel road, etc.

Type    SBC-4       SPC-5       SBC-6       SBC-7       SBC-8   
   Working Width (mm)    1220 1530 1830 2135 2440
Working Depth (mm) 550
Matched Power (hp) 18-25 20-25 25-40 35-50 45-60
Weight (kg) 170 210 250 300 350
Linkage  Three Point Mounted

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