Grain Harvester

Small Combine Harvester

1. Small volume, light weight, easy to operate;
2. Low energy consumption, stable performance, very reliable;
3. Suitable for small plots, mountains, hills, etc;
4. Working for paddy, wheat, soybeans, reed, and etc.


Model  4LZ-1.0 4LZ-2.0
Structure Full Feeding Self-profelled Wheel-Tyre, with Twice Threshing
Matched Power (hp) 25 70-85
Cutting Width (mm) 1350 2000
Productivity (arce/h) 0.13-0.26 0.23-0.85
Feeding Capacity (kg/s) 1
Impurity Rate  3%
Broken Rate  1%
Total Loss Rice 3.0%                Wheat 3.0%
Net Weight (kg) 1200 (with engine) 2780 (without engine)


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