Mini Tractor

mini tractor

Mini Tractor

  • Power Range: 12HP, 13HP, 15HP, 18HP ;
  • Diesel Engine: Single Cylinder Diesel Engine;
  • Drive Method: 2WD;
  • Transmission Method: Belt Transmission;
  • Clutch: Single Stage Clutch;
  • Gearbox: 6F+1R Gearbox;
  • Steering Method: Mechanical Steering;
  • PTO Speed: Optional;
  • Implements: Can match with all kinds of farm implements.

Model No. GW-12E GW-13E GW-15E GW-18E
Power 9-12HP 10-13HP 12-15HP 15-18HP
 Diesel Engine Models  CF/XT 12NM CF/XT 13NM CF/XT 15NM CF/XT 1105
Diesel engine form Condensation electric start
Basic Configuration Electric start, 2 * 2 wheel, half-rack,
belt drive, hydraulic lifting, dual valve,
single pipe, double-plate dry clutch,
mechanical steering wheel,
basic hood (D), 400-10 / 650- 16 tires,
45A battery

More Options
Water Temperature 
Rearview Mirror
Combination Switch
Oil Table
Back Light Single Valve
   the Rear Turn Signal 
/Brake Lights
 Hydraulic Equipment 
in Front

Detailed Images




1.Electric Start, 4 * 2 Wheel Drive;

2.Half-rack, Belt drive, Hydraulic lifting, Single stage clutch



            Match Disc Plough





      Matched With Side Transmission Rotary Tiller





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